Journalist for Sale

A noble profession of conveying honest unbiased and accurate news has now become a hideous trade. In today’s world our journalists have been selling themselves for cheap alcohol, meager few hundred bucks or sometimes sucking up to the people hoping to get a sponsorship. Unfortunately the blame lies on both sides of the coin where the employers are unable to pay reasonable salary, some are forced to blackmail and extort money for their employers whilst on the other hand journalists are selling themselves short to feed their children although it’s under no condition justified. Unfortunate as it may sound but the decline of this profession has brought it to a new low. Recently a pure con artist who has brought himself from being a sales rep to now an owner of a pharmaceutical industry where he has cheated his partners, with confessions of bribery to the health ministry on tape and proven record of fraud he is now one of the leading members of PPMA. A few days ago I came across the same who insultingly asked me who’s a journalist to which I replied “A journalist is someone who is someone who can strip anyone naked in the middle of the road”. This answer turned his face to a glowing red as his smile disappeared. I think journalists must remain true to their profession irrespective of the difficulties.