Company Charter

Digital Content Producers International designed to bring all content producers on a single platform. Facilitating Individual and Freelance business by forming a pool of resources and business, represent problems and difficulties faced by content producers, direct attention of the relevant stake holders towards the issues. In addition to provide a unified platform against fake news protect the freedom of expression with in the constitutional boundaries. We intend to raise voice on discrimination particularly against those individuals and companies who are working on the digital mediums. Create awareness regarding the digital transition, empower the small businesses to face the challenges of the 4th Industrial revolution. We shall be arranging international collaborations, training & other beneficial information for better understanding of the new technologies. Provide mentoring by experts in the relevant fields & prepare the youth of Pakistan to face new digital challenges.

Roles & Responsibilities of Members

Individual members in their capacity shall be provided support and guidance by mentors and the organization shall raise the issues with the stake holders on proper platforms and protect their intellectual interest & rights. They will be empowered via training by mentors, organizations & international collaborators. In turn they will be expected to uphold the highest cadre of professionalism and contribute to the society.


Role of the Corporate Members

Corporate members will be given the opportunity to raise their issues through the platform and establish contact with the stake holders to further facilitate and improve their business opportunities. The above shall also have access to individual members and small firms working in different fields of digital. The pool of resources will enable the members to find the right solutions for the growth of their business ventures.

Role of the Honorary Members

Honorary memberships awarded to selected people approved by the board of directors after a detailed scrutiny. Honorary members are expected to grace the major events with their esteemed presence, extend guidance regarding their relevant fields, assistance in promoting awareness on digital mediums, participation in healthy discussions and sharing their experiences with the other members. They may also help the organization, however not obligated to by providing sponsorship for the events and conferences. They may also use their expertise in help connecting businesses and seeking international collaboration where possible.


Next Steps...

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