Two Nations Bonded by Faith, Culture & Brotherhood

The Consulate General of Turkey in Karachi hosted an evening of photographic exhibitions by Erkut Onart focusing on bonding faith culture and brotherhood between the two countries at Alliance Francaise de Karachi.

I had a brief but very interesting conversation with Mr. Erkut Onart at the opening ceremony,  as he explained how he developed this passion he said, “My father always gave us one of three gifts, watch,bicycle or a camera this is where I developed my passion for photography.” By career he had been a veteran diplomat spending a vast span of his life in several countries.

Admiring his mesmerizing work, that translated the storm sitting calmly in the eyes of the beholder. The saying that a picture is worth a thousand words seemed to come to life here.  He now spends his time exhibiting across the globe, with a recent exhibition in the USA and has a series of upcoming exhibitions in Turkey. The photographs displayed the sensitivity and similarities of both cultures capturing the beauty in various ways.  As a proud father of the Consul General of Turkey in Karachi Mr. Murat M. Onart, he expressed his satisfaction on the obedience and respect extended by his son shared some of his precious thoughts about the wonderful childhood.

A large number of diplomats, businessmen and art admirers were present at the occasion to extend respect to Mr. Erkut Onart and appreciate the delicate work that touched each soul in a different way. We hope to have such events on regular basis to promote cultural events that bring people closer.